Monday, November 21, 2005

monday morning

i want to change....i have become someone that i don't like, and i think that's the worst feeling you can get for yourself.
i know i have very low self-esteem and no matter how hard i workout i can't seem to feel good about myself. i've read in some article that exercise will help you boost your self-esteem, self-confidence and depression. but i don't think it's working for me. i have no outlet. i have no friends here. i know some people, but i can't say that they're my friends. i want to fix my life. i want to do it for my children. i don't want them to see me like this and think that this is how a person should behave. i want to inspire them to become someone later on in their lives. i want them to have a life that they really want.
everything that has happened in my life is all my doing. i know that. but i feel trapped in doing it. the only thing i can control is my weight and how i eat. i just hate what i have become.


Blogger Cindy Vine said...

OH MY GOODNESS, YOU ARE SOUNDING A LITTLE DOWN. Oops, capslock was on. How many children do you have and how old are they?

7:48 AM  

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